100 Days To $100k: Day 15

Day 15 of this project:

  • Made Google+ persona account
  • Made Google+ brand page
  • Made Youtube channel
  • Setup Facebook page
  • Setup Twitter account
  • Setup Pinterest account
  • Tied them all together with the website (i.e., put links in each of them so they link to one another)
    Ordered a two-tiered syndication network from SERPSpace.com

These took me around 4 hours to accomplish.

That’s it for today.

100 Days To $100k: Day 13

For today, these are the things I did:

  1. Made a Google account for the persona and verified it
  2. Made a blog area and made new posts – 14 related Youtube videos just for preliminary content (I set them to noindex)
  3. Looked for stock photos for the homepage
  4. Designed the homepage
  5. Optimized for site speed again


  • 69/100 for mobile
  • 84/100 for desktop


  • 85/100 for mobile
  • 97/100 for desktop

The designing of the homepage took most of my time today. I use Thrive Themes and I’m not an expert at it yet. But I’m already satisfied with how my homepage looks. It’s one of the best I made so far, I think.

And this is very important – do NOT use images that you don’t have rights to use! So I buy my images from stock image sites and others… or at least I make sure I could use them before posting them on any of my sites.

It took me more or less 7 hours today.

That’s it for now.

100 Days To $100k: Day 12

For day 12, these are the things I did:

  • Finalized the logo with the outsourcer on Fiverr and uploaded it onto my website
  • Joined all Amazon Associates marketplaces (Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.ca, Amazon.es, and Amazon.it)
  • Linked all these Amazon Associates accounts
  • Made Privacy Policy page
  • Made Terms of Service page
  • Made Contact page
  • Installed social buttons plugin
  • Continued working on the silo structure
  • Built persona (looked for images in stock photos)
  • Made About page based on persona
  • Made gravatar for the persona

Although I used a different picture and a different name for the persona, it’s still my story – my story of being a victim of robbery in the past.

That’s it for today.

I spent 6 hours today for this project.

100 Days To $100k: Day 10

It’s the last day of Week #2.

Things that I did today:

  • Finished keyword research for up to 120+ posts and pages – both for commercial and informational content
  • Finished analyzing the competition for each keyword
  • Finished content plan up to the 1st week of February (I’ll go after the easy wins first)
  • Set all the future posts and pages as WordPress “drafts”
  • Finished all their titles and meta descriptions

But I’m lagging behind. I’m not done with the logo and graphics yet. I’m also not done yet with the schema markups. I’ll deal with these next week.

I worked around 8 hours today.

100 Days To $100k: Day 9

For Day 9, I did keyword research for 5 silos and went deep into each product.

There are now 89 products under 6 silos.

I also went into each of their difficulty levels.

After I finish the other 2 silos left, I’ll know the low-hanging fruits and therefore go after them first.

Next I added the website onto Google Analytics and Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools).

It took me 8 hours for all these.

By the way, this computer was infected by some viruses. It wasn’t working properly yesterday so I had to reset it – which took me another 6 hours.

Added to this is my internet connection issue. I don’t know why but only Firefox is connecting to the internet now. My go-to browser, Chrome, is not.

That’s it for now.


100 Days To $100k: Day 8

It’s already Day 8 and I’m still on keyword research. It’s taking longer than I expected but for good reason.

There are now 31 products under the 1st product category (silo1).

I made meta titles and meta descriptions for all of them. I used the data from keyword research to make these titles and descriptions.

I also planned the content for these reviews. In general, I’ll use these sources:

  • Youtube (there are already a number of people who say things, good and bad, about the products)
  • Their own respective websites
  • Other review websites

I’ve personally used some of them in the past. But most of them, not yet. Even that’s the case, I can still write reviews. Rather, I’ll write my own “review of reviews”.

Say I find 5 credible reviews online. I will then review or summarize those reviews. That way, I’m not reviewing the product but their reviews of it. And that’s ethical enough in my book.

That’s it for now.






100 Days To $100k: Day 7

For Day 7, I did a deeper keyword research for the products in silo1. There are 20 products in silo1 and I managed to finish only 9 of them.

I’ll be sprinkling these keywords in the content during writing. For now, I just changed the meta titles of each of the review posts for each product with this kind of format: “Product Name Reviews 2017: Does It Really Work?”

I decided to write the titles this way for these products because of the data from the keyword research. I merged the most highly searched keywords and made sense out of them. That way I’m also targeting other related keywords.

And putting the year number (2017) in there and a question will hopefully improve my listing’s CTR (click-through rate) in the SERPs (search engine results pages). Numbers and question marks do improve CTR.

I also installed WP Rocket and tied it with Cloudflare to speed up the website’s page load times.

I used Google Pagespeed Insights to measure my site load speed.

  • Before: 56/100 for Mobile, 75/100 for Desktop
  • After: 69/100 for Mobile, 84/100 for Desktop

Server response time is 1.1 seconds. I would have to contact my hosting server’s support team to ask them if they could improve this response time. It’s slow!

I spent 4 hours this time.

That’s it for today.

100 Days To $100k: Day 6

I weighed my options. I decided to go and improve my old site targeting the same niche. The reason is this: I already know why its traffic died down.

I reckon this is the shortest way for me to reach $100k per year.


I used Barracuda.digital’s tool to find out possible penalties and filters that may have had negative effects on my site. I found it. It’s the Google Panda filter – which means I have to get better with my on-site content. The website was getting 5-6k visitors per week. Then traffic dropped at right about the times that Panda algorithm changes happened. So that’s it.

According to Ahrefs.com, this is what triggers Panda.

Security-related issues / vulnerabilities.
Slow page-loading times.
Bad user experience in general.
Content duplication / re-publication / syndication.
Complex, hard-to-navigate site structure.
High pogo-sticking rate.
A high ads-to-content percentage.

I agree. And I’ll solve these one by one.

  1. For security: migrate to https and use security WordPress plugins
  2. For slow page-loading times: transfer to a better hosting server and follow GTmetrix.com’s advice on speeding up wordpress sites
  3. For bad user experiece: re-structure and re-design and the site
  4. For content duplication: write better content
  5. For complex site structure: silo the website
  6. For high pogo-sticking rate: do conversion rate optimization
  7. For ads-to-content percentage: lessen promotions and have more helpful content

These are the things that I did today.

  • Analyzed penalties and filters
  • Migrated the old site to another hosting company
  • Switched to https using Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • Installed Really Simple SSL plugin for WordPress to automatically deal with http and https redirects
  • Set it up on Cloudflare
  • Changed the keywords of the silo structure
  • Changed my SEO plugin to the SEO Ultimate Plus plugin
  • Added the top 250 keywords that are still ranking to my rank tracker tool
  • Fixed redirects of the old URLs including post URLs, page URLs, category URLs, backlink destination URLs, and AMP URLs
  • Fixed the canonicals using SEO Ultimate Plus plugin
  • Revived its subdomains too

I spent 6 hours for this project today.