100 Days To $100k: Day 13

For today, these are the things I did:

  1. Made a Google account for the persona and verified it
  2. Made a blog area and made new posts – 14 related Youtube videos just for preliminary content (I set them to noindex)
  3. Looked for stock photos for the homepage
  4. Designed the homepage
  5. Optimized for site speed again


  • 69/100 for mobile
  • 84/100 for desktop


  • 85/100 for mobile
  • 97/100 for desktop

The designing of the homepage took most of my time today. I use Thrive Themes and I’m not an expert at it yet. But I’m already satisfied with how my homepage looks. It’s one of the best I made so far, I think.

And this is very important – do NOT use images that you don’t have rights to use! So I buy my images from stock image sites and others… or at least I make sure I could use them before posting them on any of my sites.

It took me more or less 7 hours today.

That’s it for now.

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