100 Days To $100k: Day 6

I weighed my options. I decided to go and improve my old site targeting the same niche. The reason is this: I already know why its traffic died down.

I reckon this is the shortest way for me to reach $100k per year.


I used Barracuda.digital’s tool to find out possible penalties and filters that may have had negative effects on my site. I found it. It’s the Google Panda filter – which means I have to get better with my on-site content. The website was getting 5-6k visitors per week. Then traffic dropped at right about the times that Panda algorithm changes happened. So that’s it.

According to Ahrefs.com, this is what triggers Panda.

Security-related issues / vulnerabilities.
Slow page-loading times.
Bad user experience in general.
Content duplication / re-publication / syndication.
Complex, hard-to-navigate site structure.
High pogo-sticking rate.
A high ads-to-content percentage.

I agree. And I’ll solve these one by one.

  1. For security: migrate to https and use security WordPress plugins
  2. For slow page-loading times: transfer to a better hosting server and follow GTmetrix.com’s advice on speeding up wordpress sites
  3. For bad user experiece: re-structure and re-design and the site
  4. For content duplication: write better content
  5. For complex site structure: silo the website
  6. For high pogo-sticking rate: do conversion rate optimization
  7. For ads-to-content percentage: lessen promotions and have more helpful content

These are the things that I did today.

  • Analyzed penalties and filters
  • Migrated the old site to another hosting company
  • Switched to https using Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • Installed Really Simple SSL plugin for WordPress to automatically deal with http and https redirects
  • Set it up on Cloudflare
  • Changed the keywords of the silo structure
  • Changed my SEO plugin to the SEO Ultimate Plus plugin
  • Added the top 250 keywords that are still ranking to my rank tracker tool
  • Fixed redirects of the old URLs including post URLs, page URLs, category URLs, backlink destination URLs, and AMP URLs
  • Fixed the canonicals using SEO Ultimate Plus plugin
  • Revived its subdomains too

I spent 6 hours for this project today.


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