100 Days To $100k: Day 7

For Day 7, I did a deeper keyword research for the products in silo1. There are 20 products in silo1 and I managed to finish only 9 of them.

I’ll be sprinkling these keywords in the content during writing. For now, I just changed the meta titles of each of the review posts for each product with this kind of format: “Product Name Reviews 2017: Does It Really Work?”

I decided to write the titles this way for these products because of the data from the keyword research. I merged the most highly searched keywords and made sense out of them. That way I’m also targeting other related keywords.

And putting the year number (2017) in there and a question will hopefully improve my listing’s CTR (click-through rate) in the SERPs (search engine results pages). Numbers and question marks do improve CTR.

I also installed WP Rocket and tied it with Cloudflare to speed up the website’s page load times.

I used Google Pagespeed Insights to measure my site load speed.

  • Before: 56/100 for Mobile, 75/100 for Desktop
  • After: 69/100 for Mobile, 84/100 for Desktop

Server response time is 1.1 seconds. I would have to contact my hosting server’s support team to ask them if they could improve this response time. It’s slow!

I spent 4 hours this time.

That’s it for today.

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