100 Days To $100k: Day 8

It’s already Day 8 and I’m still on keyword research. It’s taking longer than I expected but for good reason.

There are now 31 products under the 1st product category (silo1).

I made meta titles and meta descriptions for all of them. I used the data from keyword research to make these titles and descriptions.

I also planned the content for these reviews. In general, I’ll use these sources:

  • Youtube (there are already a number of people who say things, good and bad, about the products)
  • Their own respective websites
  • Other review websites

I’ve personally used some of them in the past. But most of them, not yet. Even that’s the case, I can still write reviews. Rather, I’ll write my own “review of reviews”.

Say I find 5 credible reviews online. I will then review or summarize those reviews. That way, I’m not reviewing the product but their reviews of it. And that’s ethical enough in my book.

That’s it for now.






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